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Is This Really A Tattoo?

I thought it was, then I thought it wasn’t. Click through for some close-ups, then join the debate — yell at me on Twitter, @ilovecharts

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Halla Norðfjörð @ Klub Eik. Her music is beautiful.

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That’s just a story we’re telling ourselves because we’re rich and bored from the Irish point of view, and that’s exactly how I would feel if I were Irish. At the same time do you really want to foreclose on the possibility that cultures might be transmitted across generations and that there might be something in tapping into that? I’ve been a passionate reader of Irish literature over my life, and I’d like to think that I read it more intensely because I felt as if I had some stock in it.


by Kendall Meade (Madewell)

If there’s one thing I know from growing up in the Detroit area, it’s that the Somerset Collection Mall is the destination for shopping. When I’m visiting home, I’m either planning a trip to Somerset or talking to someone who is about to go…


Today brings the third single from Lucy Rose entitled Red Face. The debut exclusive play has been made by Huw Stephens as part of the BBC Radio 1 daytime take over and Red Face is an exciting departure and growth from her trademark vocal delivery.

In moving forward, Lucy decided to return home in Warwickshire to record her debut album. Setting up in the basement where she once taught herself guitar, Lucy, the producer Charlie Hugall, recording team and band are folding down their beds and mic’ing up the mixing desk. Expected in Summer 2012 and with a support tour to Noah


Justin by himself

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When the Edmonton apartment building owned by Joe Gurba, who lived in the penthouse suite, burned down last May, he made a choice he never imagined.